Planning a Wedding – Things to Remember

To be fair, when you are planning a wedding, there are a lot of things to remember. There are the invitations, the flowers, the food, the rings, the vows… Where to marry can be a sticking point, and the guest list is sure to present a few problems somewhere along the way. The entire list of things to do can seem endless and daunting.


What I didn’t realise is that, if you or your partner are marrying for the second (or further subsequent) time, there are even more things to remember than with most weddings. For example, I had no idea that the first step we would take when coming to plan our own wedding would be to prove that my fiancé is definitely divorced. It is a rather surreal place to begin planning the day of your dreams, though it is necessary for us, unfortunately. Another key part of wedding planning that I previously did not even know existed is a process called giving notice. Before you are able to marry, you must give at least 16 days’ notice at your local register office.

These are the more boring of the essential plans that need to be made in order to marry. The majority of the rest are very exciting, and can be aided by a visit to this wedding site directory. Not only does this site have a huge number of ideas on all things from dresses and shoes to catering and honeymoons, but there are a range of tools to help along the way, too. I particularly love the To-Do List, as I tend to forget where I’ve got up to in the planning stakes otherwise, and the budget tracker, which is very handy for making sure you don’t spend too much!


Their blog is also a great place to find information on real weddings, to compare and contrast and, ultimately, to remember that the key to a great wedding is a happy couple. Nothing else matters, really. Furthermore, there is a section on real weddings that is full of inspiration. I find that reading stories and seeing photographs of other weddings puts things into perspective – it doesn’t really matter which details you choose as the outcome is the same. You will end the day as a married couple whether you have a grand country wedding or a simple ceremony! Of course, it can be difficult to compromise on things that have been important to you for a long time. My advice would be to hold out for the things that you really feel you cannot do without and be sensible about the rest. The wedding will, after all, be just one day; it is the marriage that will last a lifetime.

For more information, please visit take a peek for yourself. I think they have really thought of everything for this website and am very excited about spending some more time browsing it myself. There are so many things to remember when planning a wedding that it can really help to have somewhere to store your ideas. Enjoy!

Going Green

Going green means different things to different people. For us, it means getting outdoors, reducing waste, up-cycling, walking everywhere, saving water, growing our own and, above all, educating the children so that they are equipped to carry the message onward, into the next generation.
This great little infographic is the perfect way to introduce little ones to the benefits of becoming more Eco-friendly.


After all, as someone once said, the children are the future, and if we fail to teach them how to care for their planet, its very existence could be in jeopardy. A sobering thought for us all.

Summer Holidays

With the school holidays coming to a close, my mind is playing tricks and making me wonder about next year. Will we get away for the summer? If so, where will we go? I like the idea of Italy or France but, with all options considered, the realistic answer is probably Spain.

Holidays in Spain are a popular choice for families; both those with young children, like us, and those whose kids are a bit older. Spain is a destination with lots to offer, and I am very excited about introducing the children to its Costas. By this, I mean beaches, of course, not coffee shops! We had a wonderful break in Bournemouth earlier this year and the sandy beaches were definitely the highlight for the children. Beaches have endless possibilities when it comes to family fun, and beaches in Spain have the indubitable bonus if being beside WARM water. This makes water sports and swimming in Spain so much better than the equivalent activities in England. Plus, the sandy beaches are the perfect place for a sandcastle competition!

To take the stress out of holiday planning, I recommend heading over to , where holidays to Spain start at a very reasonable £287 per person. First Choice also provide a wealth of information on a huge number of Spanish destinations, including the ever-popular Benidorm, as well as must-see cities such as Barcelona and Granada. Majorca is also a popular choice, particularly for families, or there is the option of lesser-known, but equally beautiful, La Palma, which stands out to me due to similarities with my surname!

From all-inclusive family holidays to bargain city breaks to something a little more luxurious, First Choice really do cover all bases and, what’s more, they do all the hard work for you. This really appeals to me as, with two young children, I sometimes need another holiday once I have finished planning one! With First Choice, all you really need to do is pack…

Have I tempted you yet? I’ve definitely made my own mind wander! As much as I love autumn and winter, I really am looking forward to next summer, and I hope we make it to Spain.

The Fixer In Me

I said tonight that I have no words, that there are some things that are just too big for words to touch.

Yet here I am, writing. Typing. The fixer in me is not satisfied.

I need to hug and to heal and to help, perhaps selfishly. The fixer in me needs to do something.

But what can I do? When the worst that can happen has happened, what can possibly make it any better? What can make it right?

You see, there are no words, there is no quick fix, no reset button, no recovery mode. The process of grief is slow and schizophrenic and who am I to try and make it any different?

I cannot fix this and perhaps the fixer in me needs to be silenced for a while.

Maybe, sometimes, we do not need to be fixed, we just need to be loved.

Perhaps, right now, to love is enough.