Summer, Cocktails, Roberson Wine…

What does summer mean to you?  To me, it’s quality family time, beach days, barbecues, swimming in the sea, picnics on the sand (which always sound nicer than they actually are), the smell of sun cream, and warm, balmy evenings.  As well as extra family time, summer also lends itself to more opportunities for fun with friends, as the days are longer and lighter and (we hope) hotter.  Some of my fondest summer memories involve making cocktails with my best friend on a warm summer evening.  Well, she made the cocktails; I simply enjoyed them.  The cherry bakewell was definitely my favourite.


With a husband who once made cocktails for a living (though, incidentally, has never actually made me one!), I feel like this summer could be a opportunity to try out some new recipes.  I am set on Ruby Rails from this guide to summer wine cocktails produced by Roberson Wine being my first – how gorgeous does it sound?

Summer Wine Cocktails Robersons Wine_Final

Loads of other great recipes for you to try there as well.  What are your favourite cocktails?  Will you be making any this summer?

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Bimuno Giveaway

We all know how important it is to encourage our children to eat plenty of fruit and veg, but how many of us actually manage to do the same ourselves?  I, for one, am terrible at this.  During busy weeks, days merge and it can be difficult to remember when exactly I ate that banana…  Bimuno prebiotics have created a chewy tablet with an immune system boost to help busy Mums top up their vitamin intake on the go, and support their natural defences, particularly during winter months.

The immunaid:

  • Contains vitamin C and unique Galacto-oligosaccharides.
  • Energises and increases your gut bifidobacteria.
  • Works in harmony with your immune system.


I know it’s easy for me to sit here and tell you how great these are, so how would you like to try them for yourselves? TWO winners will each receive a month’s supply of Immunaid; to enter, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below. Entries will close in a week’s time (06/07) and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page.

Good luck!

Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.  Giveaway c/o Bimuno.

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Different Childcare Options Explained

Having a baby is really exciting and becoming a new parent is often what most people describe as the most happy and fulfilling time of their life. However, once your paternity and maternity leave has ended, you’ll need to start thinking about choosing some childcare for your baby in order for you to go back to work and provide for your growing family. If you’re not sure which option to go for when choosing childcare, read on.

Nannies and Childminders

If you’re not sure about sending your child to nursery and would prefer for them to receive one to one care, you may like the idea of employing a nanny or a childminder to look after your baby whilst you’re working. Most nannies and childminders work independently either from their own home or will visit yours, so you can be sure that your child is being cared for in a loving, homely environment. An alternative option to a nanny or childminder is to hire an au pair through a site such as Aufini. Au pairs will usually live in your home and help you with things like the housework as well as childcare.

Family Care

Sometimes, the idea of handing your precious little one over to a stranger to care for so soon can be a little bit daunting, which is why many new parents prefer to ask their families for help first. If you have a large family or a number of family members and close friends who are willing and able to look after your child whilst you’re at work, it may be worth asking them first before you consider any other childcare options. Not only will you be able to rest assured knowing that your child is in safe hands, you’ll also be placing your child in the care of somebody that already knows and loves them just as much as you do.


Although nursery is associated more with the toddler years, many nurseries will actually take babies on from just a few weeks old if needed. If you’re unable to find a suitable nanny or childminder and your family are unable to help you with childcare, you may need to consider putting your child in a nursery whilst you’re at work. Nursery staff are fully trained to deal with and care for children of a very young age, so you’ll be able to rest assured that your child is in capable and caring hands. As your child gets older and starts to develop they’ll also be able to enjoy the company of other children whilst at nursery, as well as the opportunity to play and learn new skills.

My two have enjoyed both preschools and nurseries from the age of 2, and I have been able to work around their childcare since that age.  This has worked well for us, but we are just one family.


My little superhero loves his nursery

Have you recently gone back to work after having a baby? Do you have any suggestions for choosing a childcare option that new mothers and fathers might find helpful? Have you decided against childcare, and opted for being a stay at home parent? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

An Early Father’s Day Treat with Brewers Fayre

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so what better way to treat Dad this weekend than with a meal at your local Brewers Fayre?  We visited the Regis in Bognor this evening and can thoroughly recommend it. The staff were incredibly helpful, friendly and attentive throughout our meal, the food was really tasty and excellent value for money and, best of all, there was a dedicated section for families with a soft play area that kept the kids amused all evening.


The menu was rather impressive for a pub – extensive and really very cheap.  The children’s menu was great. Usually, we find that the options for kids are pretty boring.  There’s often the standard nuggets and chips, sausage and mash, and perhaps a simple pasta dish.  Brewers Fayre offer so much more than this.  Miss J was spoilt for choice but eventually decided upon the hot dog basket, which came with chips, mini corn, and tomato sauce (her favourite!).


For less than a fiver, she was able to add a starter and dessert to her main as well, which is incredible value.  Drinks are extra, but I don’t think you can really grumble at that!  The boy, who had already had tea at nursery, just had a drink and few chips.  Interestingly, he found a little space for ice cream…

James and I both chose the Friday night Chef’s Counter option, which was the chip shop.  For £7.49, you can have as much as you like from the selection on offer, which includes battered sausage, fish, chips, roast chicken drumsticks, mushy peas, beef and onion pies, and curry sauce.


I think Daddy had a lovely early Father’s Day meal!

Our entire bill, including drinks, came to just over £36, which I couldn’t believe.  With soft play included, it was a treat for us all, not just for Dad!  I’m not sure if all Brewers Fayre pubs have this feature, but it’s definitely worth visiting the Regis for.  Plus, right on the doorstep, is a beautiful beach, which we took advantage of before heading home.  It was a gorgeous evening and the sea was clearly inviting as it tempted Miss J in for the first time this year.


All in all, we had a lovely evening and will definitely be heading back to the Regis at some point.


We received £50 towards a meal at our local Brewers Fayre; all views are our own.