Halloween Plans

This year, we are doing Halloween a little differently. There will still be pumpkins and spiders and toffee apples and trick or treat, but with an additional superhero theme thrown in too. The boy is currently in the midst of a great transition between the Thomas-fuelled train-obsession that has defined him for two years, and his new-found love of Spider-man, Batman and Hulk. As such, I am able to branch out when it comes to crafts and messy play. For two years, the boy has turned up his nose at any form of messy play that cannot be driven through by a train of some kind. This has limited us to an extent. But now, at the age of four, we are able to move forward, and I have lots of plans. The grandest of these plans is Spider-man toffee apples. A little intricate, but wow, what a cool thing for a hero-loving boy!

spiderman toffee apple

Alongside this centrepiece, we will be carving and painting pumpkins with superhero logos, making bat-shaped cookies with Batman icing, threading paper plates with wool to form superhero cobwebs and making superhero masks. So looking forward to getting started with these!

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween for my two is trick or treating and the dressing up that goes with it. This year, they have fabulous costumes from George at Asda, which they absolutely love. Of course, whereas they have previously been pumpkins, devils, witches and skeletons, they are, this year, superheroes. Well, a fairy and a Hulk, to be more precise.


Halloween nostalgia – 2010

Dressing up today:




We love our new superhero costumes and are looking forward to road-testing them properly on Halloween. They are very good quality and the fairy outfit is absolutely beautiful with its glittery sparkles and detachable wings. I have two very happy children; thank you, Asda!

 We received two costumes for the purposes of this post; all views are our own.

The Step

There is a place, not far from here, that goes by the name of Highdown. There is a hill, perfect for climbing up and rolling down, wonderful views, a hotel that was once a house, and gorgeous gardens. Within these gardens, there is a step. A step that Miss J is rather familiar with. It all began on a sunny day in May 2010, when I was working and Daddy decided to take Miss J on an adventure. Quite the photographer, he captured this little beauty:


A mere 17 months into her life and Miss J had a favourite spot and a photographic tradition was born, alongside a clear way of seeing just how much our baby girl is growing up. We returned in the summer of 2011:


And again in the winter of 2012:


We hadn’t been for a while, but when we cycled up there last weekend, we headed straight to our faithful friend, the step. It is heartwarming to see how much our baby has grown, since the last visit in 2012, and especially since the first in 2010. She still has the same cheeky smile and beautiful face though:


I love this collection of photographs, and am looking forward to adding to it over the years. Very proud of my little lady.

Learning Curve

I feel as though I am constantly learning at the moment, and yet simultaneously am often left feeling like I don’t really know or understand much at all. This year has been full of surprises and difficulties; relationships have grown and changed. Some people have been there whenever I needed them whilst others have left me in no doubt that I am not as important to them as I may have once believed. Here are a few things I have discovered this year…

That really horrible things can happen to really lovely people. Also, that the opposite of this is true.

That wanting something is not enough to make it happen.

That wanting something really badly and not being able to make it happen is incredibly painful and frustrating.

That you cannot please everyone, no matter how hard you try.

That people you love can let you down, over and over again.

That family is not necessarily made up of relatives.

That the people who are there for you when it really matters are not always the people you think you can rely on.

That someone can reverse a vasectomy and make another baby before we can naturally conceive .

That being lied to and treated like an idiot is unacceptable and therefore must not be accepted.

That being loved is all I really want.

That I am not a fool.

That I can stand up for myself.

That I can cope, practically, though often struggle with my emotions.

That I am actually very sensitive and take things very personally.

That it is ok to be me.

I am learning all the time right now. There are things I need to sort through and get my head round and there are conversations I need to have. There are plans to be made and there are hugs to be had.

There are people who I am not sure have a significant place in my life anymore, which is a thought that floors me. But there are others who I know are there to help me climb through to the other side.

This is me.

Love me, accept me, support me, and I will be there for you, for always.