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Three Must-Dos at Legoland Windsor



Yesterday, James and I visited Legoland with two very excited children!  Under grey skies for the most part, the inclement weather finally cascaded from bursting clouds an hour after we arrived and the storms persisted for almost two hours.  But after the rain came the rainbow…


We had such a brilliant afternoon that it was difficult to pin down just three things that need to be experienced at Legoland, so I went for the three things that made the children smile most.

3)  Driving a Lego car round a track:


Both children thought this was excellent fun though I do believe Jasmine would have been better suited to the larger race track for older children.  Sonny was in his element and both were very pleased to pass their driving test and receive a licence!

2)  Spotting places we have been at the miniature village:


Jasmine was fascinated to find models of the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace whilst Sonny was completely amazed by the incredible working models.  The boats, the water mills and, particularly, the trains left him open-mouthed with awe and wonder.

1)  Riding a dragon!


The above roller-coaster was Jasmine’s favourite ride of the day.  Thanks to the rain, which sent hoards of visitors home, queues were non-existent.  Indeed, upon completion of the ride, the operator asked us if we would like to stay on.  Jasmine wanted to stay on.  Five times in succession, we rode the coaster, three circuits each time.  Jasmine had the time of her life!

There is so much more to see at Legoland; more than I can detail here.  Much more than we even saw ourselves!  Visit for a weekend or just for the day, but definitely visit – the little ones in your life will most certainly thank you.





We received family entry for the purposes of this review.  All views are our own.


  1. Loubelle says

    It looks like loads of fun and thankfully the weather didn’t spoil a lovely day out.
    We plan on going next year ( luckily my best friend has just moved to Windsor).

  2. Looks like you had a great day. I kmow Emmy would love it here (as would Daddy) but I’m planning to wait until Harry is a little bigger to enjoy it too.

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