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Organix Toddler Meals and Snacks

Sonny is, by all accounts, a real fusspot when it comes to meals.  He is not too bad at breakfast and will eat a sandwich for lunch, but it is dinner we struggle with.  He is so fussy that he will not touch vegetables, will not eat anything that comes with sauce of any kind and will not even eat something he does like if something he does not like is on the same plate.  This inevitably means that he either has fish fingers or a sandwich for dinner every evening.  Upon hearing about our plight, Organix sent us a lovely toddler hamper, in the hopes that Sonny would be tempted by the meals and snacks on offer.


Unfortunately, this was not the case.  Sonny was offered one of the soups and two of the meals and refused both without so much as a lick of the contents; James ended up eating them so as not to waste the food.  The remainder of the meals were given to a friend.  However, despite the lack of success with the meals, Sonny really enjoyed the snacks, particularly the oaty bars.  We regularly buy these now and even I enjoy them!  As for the rest of the range, I like the idea of a quick, easy, healthy ready meal or soup to offer the children on occasion, but it just not the right thing for Sonny at this time.  Jasmine did try them but wasn’t too keen; I think this was due to her eating with us every night and therefore being accustomed to the herbs and spices that these meals are slightly lacking.

Overall, we are huge fans of the Organix snacks and will no doubt continue to buy them for a while yet, but the meals are not for us.  Have you fed them to your little ones?  What did you think?

We were sent a hamper of Organix goodies for the purposes of this review; all thoughts are our own.



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