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Fun on the Farm – Schleich Horse Review


We returned from Paris to (amongst other things) a small package containing three Schleich horses of variant size. Since we’ve not done any messy play for a while, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity and dug out the trusty Tuff spot. I filled it with Cornflakes, granola, seeds and porridge oats to give a rough texture, perfect for stomping through.


The children added a few vehicles – starting with tractors and diggers and ending, inevitably, with Thomas – and got down to the serious business of play.


They crunched and crushed their way through the differing textures, mixing it all up as they went. They made hoof prints and tracks, mazes and trails. They talked to each other as the horses and as themselves.


As can sometimes be crucial for small children, these materials are entirely edible, as Miss J proved, quietly munching her way through it as she played.


We have never bought Schleich animals before; if I am totally honest, they are a bit over our budget. The odd one we could manage, but the whole set would bankrupt us. They are wonderfully made, though, so I can see the appeal. The attention to detail is marvellous and the children have really enjoyed involving them in their play. They are very solid and great for bashing up cereals, it turns out.


Of course, the boy couldn’t wait to introduce his trains to the scene, particularly Thomas. He drove him round the horses and farm machinery, chattering away to himself.


He really does love his trains very much.

DSCF3516 DSCF3518 DSCF3519

Miss J stuck with the animals, more or less, giving the horses jobs such as ferrying the people from her doll’s house from place to place.

DSCF3520 DSCF3522 DSCF3523

The children had a lovely hour or so – together, but largely playing separate little games; talking the whole time. We have kept the scene out in their bedroom with the intention of going back to it at some point and perhaps even using the contents of the Tuff spot to fill rain shakers. It is lovely to be getting back into messy play and the Schleich horses provided an interesting way for the children to interact with this activity.

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