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Project 365, Week Six

I can’t believe we are up to week six already! Our week began with a trip to the beach. The sea was huge and rough; we walked to the pier and the children requested ice cream! It is never too cold for ice cream, apparently.


On Monday, I wrote in Mr. Porridge’s special book, all about his time spent with us over the weekend.


On Tuesday, I took this photo of Miss J. I called it “Wonder”, because I wonder what she is thinking…


On Wednesday, I had a long day. Miss J woke me at 2 with a headache, then recovered but stayed awake so we were up all day. She went off to school and the boy and I visited a soft play centre with some friends. By the end of the day, we all felt like this:


On Friday, I couldn’t resist this bubbly shot of Miss J in the bath!



Yesterday, we were all about the teeth as Miss J discovered a new one (an adult molar)! I can’t quite believe just how grown up she is getting, and even the boy is now in charge of his own brushing:


This evening, the children were having fun with their torches in bed, making shapes on the ceiling and reading by torchlight:

DSCF0966So there is our week; I wonder what the next seven days hold?


  1. Just got totally sidetracked by your reflections photo – beautiful! Sounds like you’ve had a good week, loving the bath photo and the last one, fabulous 🙂

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