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Cook Off Challenge

Last month, I was challenged to Kick The Habit, which involved coming up with a home-cooked menu that cost no more than £10. I obviously decided that this was not enough of a challenge and ended up attempting a three course meal for Valentine’s Day… It could have gone very badly indeed!

Happily, it actually went pretty well. My plan involved soup, lasagne and chocolate mousse.

The Keralan Summer soup was a bargain 39p from the reduced section in our local Morrisons. I realise this is a slight cheat as it would have cost a lot more at full price, but it is always worth checking the reduced section in your local supermarket, particularly late in the day – you never know what you might find!

We ate the soup with home-made croutons, which added a little something to the experience:


For our main course, I made a vegetarian lasagne using a selection of vegetables, a packet of dried lasagne sheets, a handful of Quorn mince, a ball of mozzarella, home-made white sauce and a jar of bolognese sauce. This cost around £5 in total and was, in the words of the husband, “amazing”.


For our dessert, I wanted to make a chocolate mousse. What we ended up with was a heavier, incredibly gooey chocolate pot. Where it all went wrong is that instead of good quality dark chocolate, I went for the cheaper option of Cadbury’s, which didn’t melt well at all. I therefore ended up adding cream to the chocolate at the melting stage to make it glossy and rich. This resulted in our very thick chocolate pots that, although definitely not the mousse I had wanted to make, were still very yummy. I topped them with fresh raspberries, also bought from the reduced section at Morrisons and costing just £1.


So there it is – our three course Valentine’s meal, all bought and made for under a tenner. Definitely proof that you can eat well at home for the fraction of the price of a takeaway!


We were provided with £10 in cash to buy the above ingredients; all words and views are our own.

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