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Growing Wild – a little bit of the Jelly Maxo plan.

When Miss J was two or three, she went through a phase of being unable to pass a stag beetle without scooping it up and keeping it with her for as long as possible. She called these beetles Jelly Maxo – we have never known why but we have also never forgotten. ┬áJelly Maxo now means much more to us, as a family, than the brief name of a few stag beetles a couple of summers ago. Jelly Maxo has come to mean all things outdoors; sunshine; family times; getting muddy; building something from nothing; appreciating what we have; getting back to nature, and bringing the outside in, wherever possible.

We live in a ground floor flat so outdoor opportunities are not as easy for us as they are for some. We have a communal garden but we cannot dig it up, we cannot plant flowers or vegetables and we cannot allow the children to build fires or climb trees. However, we make the best of it and have, so far, raised butterflies from caterpillars, sewn seeds in pots to go on the windowsill and used our Tuff spot for sand and even compost messy play.

One of the ways in which we hope to spread a little Jelly Maxo love is by sewing wild flowers. We have collected a few packets of seeds and will be distributing their contents next time we are at the park or climbing a hill. Flowers are such an important part of life that it makes sense to let them grow wherever there is soil.

Below, I have a video for you to watch, which is all about the importance of wild flowers and how you can get involved in supporting their continued existence:

It is fascinating to think that as many as one in three mouthfuls of food relies upon pollinating insects; it is also sad to see such concrete jungles destroying their habitats.

Let’s put this right!

Let’s Grow Wild!

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  1. How lovely that something so simple has turned into something so meaningful for you all. The idea of sowing wild flowers is lovely! x

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