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The Great British Staycation

I think it is fair to say we are a family that likes to travel. We like to see new things and visit new places. We are not fussy though; we are happy to explore overseas, but equally content to travel around England. During the last 12 months, we have holidayed in Calvados, Paris and, most recently, Bournemouth.


I must say, I think the latter trip was perhaps the most enjoyable for us all. I am not sure whether it was because there was no language barrier, because it didn’t take very long to get there or just because Bournemouth is so darn pretty, but we had our best family holiday to date.


Choosing to stay in the UK, rather than venturing further afield, can be a smart choice for a number of reasons, particularly for those with small children. The top reasons are listed here on the Park Resorts blog, and I agree with them all, though I think my favourite reason for staying in the UK is that nowhere is very far away. Having spent countless hours on a coach from London to Paris, with a restless three year old and bored five year old, I am more than happy to substitute far-flung destinations for something a little closer to home.

This summer, we are heading to the beautiful New Forest for a camping holiday -our first as a family of four – and I cannot wait. Sure, the foreign travel will resume before long, but while the children are still so small, I can think of nothing better than experiencing the great British countryside with them. We hope you will continue to join us on our adventures here on the blog.



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