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Knight For A Day – Arundel Castle review


The boy loves being a knight. He loves swords and shields and helmets and armour… He likes to pretend his name is Mike! He rides horses and slays dragons; he even rescues the odd Princess.


He loves knights so much that when we were offered the chance to visit a castle and watch a medieval jousting tournament, I could not refuse. What could be more fun for a knight in training?

We invited some friends and headed to the beautiful old market town of Arundel. The day was hot and bright; the castle looked incredible against its blue-sky backdrop.


We settled in as much shade as we could find and introduced the children to jousting. The boys were far more engrossed than the girls – Miss J was more interested in her lunch! The jousting tournament itself was very well thought out and I imagine it was rather authentic too. Surrounding the arenas were stalls containing scenes of medieval life, including the kitchen.


Between battles, we escaped to the cool of the castle. Miss J was much happier here, and interested in all that she saw. The children were fascinated by the bedrooms and we were amazed to discover that they had actually been in use at the weekend! The staff were very friendly and informative, taking the time to stop and talk to the children, even answering the boy’s questions about the “flat lion” rugs downstairs (FYI, the teeth are real, the eyes are not).

Having toured the castle rooms, we ventured back outside to enjoy more jousting. The boy was transfixed throughout.



He even got to meet a real life knight afterwards!


We had a really lovely day, despite the immense heat. On a cooler day, we would have loved to see more of the gardens and to scale the keep again – next time, for sure.

If you have not visited Arundel Castle before, now is the perfect opportunity. Go see the knights while you still can!

A huge thank you to Arundel Castle for hosting us for the day. The jousting and medieval tournament runs until 27th July 2014 and ticket prices can be found on the website.


  1. We had a great time too, and were new to jousting. My son had been to the castle on a school trip so we didn’t go in the castle this time. He was transfixed by all the action and the storyteller was our favorite, such a great day out I know we will be back soon.

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