The Great Outdoors
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Nature’s Playground

It pains me to admit it, but my husband is right about something. Ever since our car died last year, he has been badgering me to replace it with bikes. Just this week, we made the switch, properly. We have two bikes and two child seats. Have wheels, will travel!


Today, we cycled to Ferring, then to Goring Gap for a play in the woods, which the children adored. We found nature’s playground to be abundant; there were slides and climbing walls and balance beams. There was even a swing!


The children followed each other and enhanced their problem-solving skills as they cleared a path through the woods. They battled against bugs and learned to identify stinging nettles. They slid and jumped and climbed. They hunted bears. There was even talk of having spotted a Gruffalo at one point.




 After our woodland adventures, we headed down to the coast where the children climbed over rocks and played games by the sea.



All of this, and more, made accessible to us by our bikes. So yes, James, you were right. I don’t say it often, so make the most of this, sweetie…


  1. Oh my how wonderful to have all of this accessible by bicycle. You must be really fit or live in a great place! It looks like a great adventure by any standards and all in the outdoors. Thank you for sharing with me on country Kids.

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