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Country Kids – Winter Sunshine at the Beach

February has surprised us with some rather warm days so far.  Unexpected yet welcome.  Today we had planned a quiet one.  A trip to the cinema and a few pancakes.  Then the sun came out.  We piled out of the cinema and straight across the road to the beach.  The tide was out and the children did not need asking twice to make the most of their playground.  Stones were strewn, water was scooped, words were etched into sand, shoes were muddied, energy was expended.




The boy is showing an interest in writing his name everywhere at the moment – he even dug his fingers into the mushy sand to form those precious letters!


Memories were made today, and such fun was had.




My #countrykids love a good beach day!


  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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