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Hand Luggage – What to Pack for Kids

This time next week, we will be getting an early night ahead of a busy week in Amsterdam!  I am so excited, it seems like a very long time since we had a family break away; the last time was in February last year when we went to Paris. The one big difference with this trip is that we are flying!  The children have never been on an aeroplane before and we have kept our means of transport a surprise for maximum impact.  We will be taking the train from Worthing to Gatwick next week and telling them that we are stopping to “change trains”.  I cannot wait to see their faces when the penny drops!

It being their first flight, I am having to think about their hand luggage, which is all new to me.  Of course, being little over an hour, they won’t need to take much with them!  However, with the trains either side, and the waiting around involved in flying, we will be grateful of a few distractions for them throughout the day.  Over the past few weeks, we have been testing a great product from On The Movies, which promises to make my life a lot easier on future holidays and day trips, including our holiday next week.


The bag is incredibly roomy inside, perfect for books, activities, travel-sized games, drinks and snacks.


With the above added to Miss J’s bag already, there is still loads more space for her camera, and any toys she wants to take with her for the journey.  There is also a separate little zipped pouch to the front of the bag, perfect for pocket money, small sweets, or those tiny toys that seem to arrive out of nowhere.

The best thing about the On The Movies backpack is the 7 inch 8GB Android tablet with touch-screen.  For just £89.95, you can buy the tablet (in a choice of colours) and the bag, in one of four eye-catching designs.


We also have the monkey backpack for the boy.

I think these are excellent value – the tablet is a good source of entertainment for the children.  We intend to buy a memory card and load it with films for the kids to watch out and about.  I’m not a huge fan of prolonged screen time in children, so the tablet’s rather short battery life of four hours isn’t too big a problem for us.  Particularly seeing as the On The Movies backpacks are such a great size – if the tablet runs out of charge, simply do some colouring or reading instead!


So – Miss J’s hand luggage is almost sorted.  What have I forgotten?


We were sent one tablet and two backpacks from On The Movies for the purposes of this review.  All words are our own.


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