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Tips For Aspiring Bloggers

Fancy setting up your own little corner of the web? No better way to do it than by having a blog. How do you give yours the traction it needs to gain an audience when there is so much other content out there on the web? These are some of my tips:
1. The right medium for the right message

There are many free services that will host your blog, like Tumblr, Blogger and, my personal favourite, WordPress. Take a look through them all and pick the one you’re most comfortable with using. There are tutorial videos available that will teach you how to get the best from them, if you find it a little confusing to start with.

2. “What makes you stand out?”

This is the key question when it comes to your blog; what makes your blog better than other blogs out there? The key is to find a niche – the more specific your topic and focus of your blogging, the better chance you have of cracking the search engines and pulling in regular and loyal readers.

3. What is your passion

When it comes to subject matter, blogging works best when it is about something the blogger knows about and is passionate about.  Your readers will quickly lose interest and move on to something more genuine if they sense you don’t truly care.

4. Entertainment is good, but where’s the value?

You can have the most amazing words and poetic prose on the planet, but if you can’t provide something that the audience is really searching for, you are not going to get hits. Think of what a random visitor is looking for when they come across your blog and make sure you provide it.

5. Market yourself

A successful blogger is also a successful marketer. Even the most compelling blogs will sit gathering cobwebs in some dark corner of the web if their originator does not get out there and spread the good word. Chat with other bloggers, leave comments on other people’s posts, try to do  some guest blogs on popular websites and make a name for yourself as an authority in your field or, failing that, just somebody who is fun to read.

6. Verify those visits

So, your subscriber list is growing, and as positive as that is there is one problem: the more emails on the list, the more likely that a significant proportion of them will be fraudulent addresses. If you’re sending out a litany of emails to fake accounts, you can end up getting penalised. Use email verification to stop this happening to you.

7. Get an antivirus software

Putting in a lot of work into your blog just to find that it has been hacked can be devastating. Make sure all of your work and files in general and protected and secure by installing a good quality antivirus software.

8. Enjoy what you do

Perhaps most importantly of all, have fun and enjoy your blog.  If you don’t, it will show, and if it’s a chore, you may as well not do it at all.

Do you have any top tips for aspiring bloggers?  Leave them below!

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  1. I love this. Great tips. For me, I write posts for us as a family to document life and then I write other posts that I hope will be picked up by search engines. The last tip is my favourite – you really do have to love what you do! x

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