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Family Time in the Forest

From the moment I heard about Forest Holidays, I knew it would be a place we would love

A holiday we would love


As a family

One we would remember


I was not wrong

From the moment we arrived, after 10pm on Friday, we were in love

The staff at the Forest Retreat could not have been more helpful

I shouldn’t imagine that checking in a family

With two over-excited children

Is top of their list of fun things to do

At that time of night

But do it they did

And with humour and smiles aplenty

We were offered a cabin visit

To run through where everything is kept

And how it all works

But did not feel it necessary

Once given directions to our cabin

We made our way round

In two cars, as we had brought our lovely friend June with us

And once parked up

We headed indoors

Into the most luxurious “cabin” I have ever seen

With more floor space

And far higher ceilings

Than the flat in which we actually live


The open plan living space is both practical and charming

I was happy to cook and prepare food in the kitchen

Without feeling isolated from the rest of the family

I made lunch whilst listening to them splash about in the hot tub

And breakfast whilst they explored the forest floor


The furniture was definitely to my taste

Simple, minimalist


But comfortable

Oh so comfortable

Our cabin contained more bedrooms than our flat

One master

With a gorgeous en-suite shower room

And two twin rooms

Plus a family bathroom

I realise I am talking about it as though it is for sale

And I really wish that it were!

Because I could happily live there

Comfortably live there

I fell in love with the fitted kitchen

The dishwasher was a treat

The table was gorgeous


And the kitchen led directly to the terrace

With its own table

Perfect for alfresco dining

It even had a barbecue


The piece de resistance

Had to be the hot tub

Which we all loved and used several times

After we arrived on the Friday evening

Despite the late hour

We took to the tub with a glass of wine

We giggled and chatted beneath the stars

It really was perfect


As far as screen-free family fun goes

There are few better ways to spend it

Than in the forest

In a hot tub


The forest lends itself beautifully to a plethora of screen-free activities

We were only there for 48 hours

Less than that, actually

Yet we walked and we talked

We built and we discovered

We played and we laughed

We even took in a family pub quiz

Though the boy preferred to play with his toys during this time


During one of our walks

The boy found some long grass to stalk through

Pretending to be a lion!


And his sister quickly joined him


Time away from screens is so important

Better still is time spent wrapped in nature

Face to face

Hand in hand

With nature

Tracking, spotting, collecting

Breathing, climbing, racing

We had some great adventures in the forest

None more so than on our Young Explorers ranger activity

Which I will be talking more about later

In another post

When we will be linking messy and sensory play

With education

And nature

The dream team

For children of all ages!

But for now

I will leave you with some photographs of my children

Because I think their faces

Say it all







We received one stay at Forest Holidays’ Forest of Dean site free of charge for the purposes of this review

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