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Festival Style

I have always been a fan of festival-style fashion, ever since I was a teenager.  The loose, wavy hair with mini braids, the flower garlands, the gladiator sandals, the shorts, skirts, and cute tees… it all adds up to create a pretty picture. I am not sure I have the features or the hair to carry off the looks myself, unfortunately, but that doesn’t stop me dreaming.


Image from schwarzkopf.co.uk


Monsoon seems to understand my two favourite styles – ethnic Moroccan gorgeousness and the aforementioned festival-style fashion – better than any other brand I have come across.  I can never simply walk past the shop in town without drooling over the window displays.  I can’t often afford to shop there, but it never hurts to do a little window shopping!  It is definitely the place I would go to first if I were to bite the bullet and purchase a festival wardrobe, because they just get festival chic, as this video proves:

I would absolutely love to head to a festival or two (or more!) with hubby, the kids, my sisters, and maybe a couple of friends in the next few years.  I know it isn’t the point of a festival, exactly, but dressing up is all part of the fun and definitely the part of the experience that I would look forward to most, even if the only people dressing up are the little ones…

Have you been to a festival?  I would love to hear which one is your favourite!

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