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The Forest of Dean


Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to spend some time with Forest Holidays at their Forest of Dean site.  It was verging on the magical from beginning to end, from the hot tub under the stars to the walks beneath the leafy forest canopy.


We have stayed in a forest before – the New Forest, to be precise – but we only camped.  Our stay with Forest Holidays was something else.  The little details really made it a very special weekend; things like the robes and slippers in the master bedroom, the underfloor heating, and the forest ranger, Gerry, who taught the children an incredible amount.


It probably sounds silly to say, but the forest was so green.  Like, so green.  I can’t even describe its vividness.  It was one of the few places that looks beautiful in photos and in real life.  It was also a place that I didn’t want to leave.


Of course, though, we couldn’t stay forever.  We did, however, try to make the most of our time.  On the way home, we stopped at Symonds Yat Rock before heading to the International Centre for Birds of Prey about 40 minutes away.


Symonds Yat Rock

The ICBP was great, if you like birds.  To be quite honest, once I’d seen a few, I lost interest a little.  But the children loved it, especially the woodland walk, the bird displays, and the resident dogs who followed them round for a while (Miss J is obsessed with dogs).


The boy loved the freedom to run, run, run!


For the admission fee (£35.50 for a family ticket), I was expecting a little more, but it was an interesting afternoon, and meeting friends there made it all the more worthwhile.

Have you been to the Forest of Dean?  What did you think?

Our stay with Forest Holidays was complimentary, for the purposes of a series of reviews.


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  1. Wow forest holidays look amazing, I love the sound of a hut tub under the stars.

    Great review, thanks for hosting 🙂

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