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Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

It’s great to get Christmas cards and to give them out is a genuine feel good moment. But how many last beyond the season? And how much real thought goes into them? It’s a great idea to let the kids loose on making them, not for everyone of course. Though you may like the idea of setting up a production line! But what about making some very cool personalized ones for close family? These are a real keeper and can be a lot of fun to look back on. Those of you who keep memory boxes will want to add these. So here are a few thoughts and ideas on the subject. Feel free to add some of your suggestions.

Collecting useful bits and pieces.

To be honest, if you’d have kept last year’s cards, not only could they be cut up for gifts tags but they can be raided for great Christmas imagery. A robin here and a Christmas bauble there, can all be glued onto your new creation. It can be a good idea to have a supply of old magazines. Lifestyle and Home and Living ones can be great for colours. To supplement these have some tissue paper or crepe paper. Focus on the crucial Christmas colours, red, green and white. Gold and silver are great. Ribbon can be used effectively, and good old cotton wool always made great snow! Both glitter and tinsel can be employed.


You’ll need some scissors and some good strong white card. You could double fold paper of a good quality, but the stronger, the better – and these are being made to last after all. Glue is at the centre of it all. Think about the rather amazing glue dots. These are made for smaller fingers and are so much less messy than using regular glues. They are great for sticking and creating a 3D effect and are brilliant for adding ‘eyes’ other wonderful additions

Keeping it personal

The emphasis could be on using either photographs, or copies of the same. If you have the time, it can be cool to use photoshop or even make a collage of different pictures. Close friends and family love pictures that are unique and personal to them. The more informal the more fun it will be. Families are not going to worry about professional quality. They’ll be very forgiving and appreciate that the cuter, the better.


You could encourage the children to get creative with the colouring sticks as well. If you didn’t want to use photographs, then encourage your budding artists to draw their scenes and characters. Owing to the hit and miss nature of these, it can pay to do the drawing or painting, and either scan or paste the actual artwork onto the card.  One idea might be to decorate the outside of the card in a more traditional way. Have the inside as a personal collage with ‘best writing’ employed for creative wishes for the season.

Whatever way you choose to do it, you’ll end up with a unique Christmas Card that will be a joy to behold as well as a memory to keep.

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