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Gift Ideas for a New Mummy

One of the most exciting things in life is hearing that a close friend of yours is going to be a mummy! For them, it is a very exciting yet nerve-racking time, especially if this is their first child. Something that she will really appreciate is a useful gift, for either her and dad, or the baby. Here are six lovely gift ideas that you can consider getting for a new mummy.

  1. Toys For The Baby

A baby can never have enough toys! As they grow up, babies will want to be able to hold and explore more and more things, so toys will never go to waste on a new mummy. It’d be useful for mummy to choose they can chew, ready for when they get a little older as they go through the terrible teething period.

  1. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes will get dirty very quickly, so the more new mummy has at her disposal the better! You can find some cute baby grows with slogans on them. Alternatively you could get some bibs for the baby, to protect their nicer clothes!

  1. Photography Session

With the stress of getting everything ready, new parents might have forgotten to arrange a photography session for their new baby. Newborn photos will become more and more precious over time, and are lovely to send over to relatives. Book a photography session for them, so they don’t miss out on those important photographs that they can hang in their house.


  1. Homemade Meals

A new mummy is going to be very tired, and most likely won’t be asking people for any help. The last thing she will want to do after running around after the little one on barely any sleep, is to begin cooking. Preparing some homemade meals for her that she can just warm back up to eat will truly be appreciated. You could also prepare some homemade treats to really put a smile on her face.

  1. Beauticians Voucher

A new mum definitely isn’t going to feeling at their most glamorous. After a long pregnancy, she certainly isn’t going to get any time to un-wind and recuperate, as all eyes will be on the new baby! So why not get her a beauticians voucher? She can spend it on a massage, a manicure or any other beauty treatment, that will make her feel much better about herself, and cheer her up greatly!

  1. Dummies

Dummies for most parents are a godsend when it comes to stopping your baby crying. So if she decides to use dummies the last thing mum will want is to get caught out without one! Even if she already has a few, get some more so she can have one in all of her bags and about the house. You can never have too many dummies!

Being a new mummy is a really exciting time, but also a scary one! Help your new mummy friends out by getting them a lovely gift, that will really come in good use. Any more suggestions? Let me know in a comment!

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