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Our Reading Nook

I love books. Actual books; I’m less keen on the digital variety. Kids books are a particular weakness. We have far more than we probably ever needed, but I cannot resist them. For years, I’ve scoured Pinterest for the perfect reading area, convinced that we had the space somewhere. In a two bed flat with two children, space for anything is actually at a premium, therefore space for something that isn’t vital (even something as wonderful as a reading area) has been difficult to come by. Earlier this year, we stacked the kids in bunk beds, freeing up half of their room for wardrobe and drawer space, meaning that the inbuilt cupboard in the corner, the one that had been home to Miss J’s clothes, was suddenly beautifully empty. So we did this with it.


We’ll gloss over the fact that my children are in fact using it as a gaming cupboard in the above photo… It is actually a reading nook; I finally have one and am ridiculously excited by it. No, it’s not perfect (I’m no interior designer, and my budget is minuscule, at best), but it is practical, and it is used (sometimes even for reading). The two shelves are picture frame stands from IKEA and were about £7 each, the bench is from Argos (£30 ish) and is full of dolls (for no other reason than necessity) and the books are all mine. The lights are a favourite feature; we were given them by Aubeterre Blue but they usually cost £32.50 per string and are mains powered.


The cupboard is situated beside the children’s huge bookcase, so there is no shortage of reading material, though the appeal of the shelves I chose for the books was being able to tailor the selection of books to a specific theme. We have, of course, filled it with Christmas books for December but will be changing it tomorrow; I’m thinking Julia Donaldson. Each night, we choose a story from the display shelves to read before bedtime.


I am ridiculously happy that we finally have a reading nook to call our own and will be updating you all on our display themes throughout the year, if only as an excuse to spend more time talking about kids picture books…

We were sent one string of fairy lights for the purposes of this review; all words are our own.


  1. Oh I’d love a reading nook for Jaxon once he’s old enough. It’ll probably be something that won’t happen until his big brother (our foster son) heads for university but we can plot and plan for the future. Chris wants to get a loft bed for Jaxon when he moves into the bigger room but I’m not entirely convinced that it’s the right choice but I guess we’ll see.

  2. I really wish I had the space to do this as my daughters love reading books, however because they are just shoved on a bookcase there don’t read them as much as we would like. I need to find space to do this!!

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