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Your Home – The Finishing Touches

I recently wrote about some ideas for upgrading your home and went through the best places to focus your attention. However, once all that work is done, how do you go about adding the all-important finishing touches? I thought I would go through some ideas with you in this post, and offer some suggestions on how to get the perfect look.

The key to turning your house into a home is all about injecting your personality into the finish. This will happen naturally, of course, over a period. But for those of you who want to get things sorted quicker, all it takes is some ingenuity and resourcefulness.  Let’s start with the colour scheme. Colours are such a personal thing and they are a great indicator of our personalities. For example, romantics love the deeper hues, such as splashes of blood red. The moodier character tends to go for darker, more intense shades. And then, of course, you have the bright and sparky folks, who go quite wild with shiny oranges and yellows.

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The colour you go for is completely up to you, of course. But the main thing to understand is that everything has to tie in. There’s an excellent guide to colour in the home over at the BBC Homes site. 

Once all the paint and wallpaper is up, it’s time to go to town. Family pictures should always take pride of place, of course. But how about sharing some of your history on the walls? Perhaps you have an amazing photo you took on a memorable holiday? You could blow it up and hang it as a centrepiece to any room. Or, maybe the kids have made an incredible piece of artwork that ties in perfectly to the colour scheme?

Of course, you might not be overly creative as a family, and that’s OK. Have a think about what drives you on in life, and discuss your interests. Look at quirky gifts and gift ideas that you could give to each other to dot around and show off the things you love as a family.  Maybe you love music, and could use record album covers as artwork? Or maybe you like to read, and could fix a bookshelf to the upper border areas of your walls? You could go all the way around for a spectacular frieze effect. Travel memorabilia is another great idea to give your home a unique and personal look. And, of course, it tells a great story of who you all are, and how you got there. You could also think about bringing in pieces of your environment into the home, drying them out and using them as ornaments.  For example, the next time you go down to your local woods or forest for a walk, you could see if you can find some old pieces of wood. They make great shelves, or even just talking points for when guests come. Flower presses are also a good idea – squeeze them flat and place them behind a picture frame and they will keep for years. It’s a great way for your kids to get to know their local nature.

I hope I have inspired you in some way to inject a little more personality into your home. Feel free to share some tips, too – I’m always pleased to hear from you guys!

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