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Review – Peppa Pig Construction Toys (Grandpa Pig’s Boat)

At five and seven years old respectively, my children should probably have outgrown Peppa Pig by now and, for the most part, they have. However, there is still the occasional guilty pleasure of snuggling up on the sofa in front of Netflix and overdosing on back to back episodes of everyone’s favourite pink pig. The show is fun and innocent and reminds us all, I suspect, of toddler days gone by. I think we will always have room for a little Peppa in our hearts.

Today, we made room for little Peppa in our play; or, more accurately, a little Grandpa Pig. Part of a brand new range of construction toys, Grandpa Pig’s boat is a buildable kit made from chunky bricks and colourful pieces.

The range is aimed at children upwards of 18 months, so I figured my two would have no trouble building it without my assistance. The instructions were set out clearly and largely represented by images with very few words, meaning my reluctant reader could find his way round as well as his big sister.

Unfortunately, I think they made a mistake somewhere along the construction process as the boat didn’t quite look right by the time they were almost finished. The boy spent a few minutes wheeling the unfinished boat around the floor and I can see him using it again In this way. For Miss J, I think the fun of this set exists in the building process. She is currently very into Lego so this type of project suits her well.

At £19.99, I think this is quite reasonably priced and, if the children were slightly younger, I would definitely be keen to add to our Peppa Pig construction collection. Babies and young toddlers would have lots of fun playing with the set and I think most preschoolers could assemble it with minimal assistance.

Overall, we really like this kit and had fun building with it.

We were sent one Peppa Pig construction kit for the purposes of this review. All thoughts are our own.

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