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Compact Gardening

Gardening is good for you, according to a new infographic produced by Compost Direct. Older gardeners have a 36-47% lower risk of dementia than non-gardeners, and gardening, alongside all forms of outdoor and natural education, is proven to be beneficial for children.  However, with large numbers of people (ourselves included) living in places that simply do not have gardens, the opportunities to grow your own seem to be dwindling.

However, all is not lost – did you know that there are many ways to grow crops in small spaces? From potted plants indoors to mini vegetable patches, window box herb gardens, and grow bags, there are many ways to garden within your own home.  I’m excited to discover that you can grow potatoes in compost bags or even bin liners, which is something I cannot wait to do with my little ones.

It is also possible to grow crops in specialist grow bags; with just a small amount of space, you can grow fruit and veg to feed your whole household – from tomatoes and carrots to herbs and courgettes.

Read the full infographic to see how to grow potatoes and tomatoes, cultivate veg patches, and more. You can also find out how to maximise your growing area by building window boxes and vertical gardens, meaning that no matter what kind of outdoor space you have – there is no excuse not to garden!  This is such an exciting development for families who want to teach their children how to grow their own food but had previously thought they simply did not have the space to do so. Living in a flat with no garden to call our own, we have been of this mindset but I am now really excited to try growing vegetables indoors with the children – potatoes, peppers and herbs are first on my hit list and I cannot wait to get started!