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My Sunday Photo

When you’ve spent the majority of half term on a hot, sunny Greek island, coming back to minus 2 degrees, wind and drizzle is no fun at all. Luckily, we took lots of photos on holiday; this is one of my favourites.



  1. Great pic – but that temperature change must have been a real shock to the system! I remember coming home from Bangkok once at a similar time of year when I stepped on to the plane in shorts at 37 degrees and off it at the other end (having pulled on some extra clothes before we landed) with it being minus-4 at Heathrow. Ow.

    • Absolutely – it was 24 degrees in Greece and -2 when we landed at 10pm on Thursday. We realised it was going to be a shock when the pilot told us they were running behind schedule due to ice on the runway that morning :/

  2. Clicking onto your photo it was a lovely surprise to see a vivid, bright blue sky and such lovely warmth in your photo
    Gorgeous shot but I bet coming back to the Uk was a shock to your system!

  3. What a gorgeous photo! That temperature change must have been a shock to the system, I went from a snowstorm in Boston to Miami recently, and then back to the snow, that was certainly a shock 🙂

  4. Who wouldn’t want to be there! I too have come back from a lovely warm holiday only to be greeted with cold, crummy weather, only somehow I am a little more patient with it bc my soul has been rejuvenated–or perhaps my body has soaked in enough vitamin D.

  5. Wonderful pic, I’m jealous. What I wouldn’t give for some Greek sun. Thank goodness you have your photos to look at as I don’t think we’ll get much sun here for a while. #MySundayPhoto

  6. The blue sky and the whitewashed wall in your photo just screams Greece. Going back to much cooler temperatures must have been a shock to the system, but at least you have great photos to remind you of warmer times.


    • We went to Paros – it’s the first major island by ferry from Athens. Greece had never been on my radar until MIL moved there! It is so beautiful though.

  7. Great shot – I love Greek islands! We went to Cape Verde in January and it was a bit of a shock to the system coming back to the freezing cold! It will be spring soon…#mysundayphoto

  8. What a great photo! I am sure there was a great shock to the system upon your return from that temperature. Looks like you where having a great time while enjoying the view and the sun though! #MySundayPhoto

  9. Great photo. Makes me long for the sun! Only 5 weeks until our first holiday of the year and it can’t come quick enough. Thanks for sharing. Hope you got lots more great pictures!

  10. I just got a whole host of errors come up when I tried commenting? I used to spend Christmas and New Year in far flung places, stepping off the plane in UK in January was never fun. Hope you had a good time #MySundayPhoto

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