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Bank Holidays, Barbecues and Beaches


It may have escaped your notice (it hasn’t mine!), but there are a number of bank holidays coming up over the next few weeks. Weather-permitting, it will hopefully be the right time for the first barbecue of the year. Not having a garden of our own, we will most likely head to the beach for ours.


To be honest, the weather outlook is not looking too promising so far – most days are still wet, cold and windy. Easter Monday, in particular, is likely not to be a scorcher! Of course, there are plenty of fun ways to spend a Bank Holiday even if it is raining, especially over Easter. National Trust properties have lots of Easter Egg hunts and craft events happening and Kung Fu Panda 3 will be showing at most cinemas in the UK if you’re really stuck for something to do! 

I hope, though, that our Easter bank holidays will at least be dry and, perhaps, sunny, if they don’t have the decency to be warm. The first barbecue of the year can wait until May, but a day out in the countryside would be very welcome, thank you.

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