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Five Non-Edible Easter Gifts


I’m ashamed to say that chocolate is one of the first things that springs to mind when Easter is mentioned, but I am also aware that traditional eggs are not perfect gifts for many people. A lot of parents are keen for their children not to have too much chocolate, and some people cannot eat chocolate due to dietary requirements – for example, we buy for vegans, diabetics and one person who is lactose-intolerant so regular chocolate eggs are not appropriate gifts. Of course, you may simply want to think outside the box this year. Either way, here are five of my favourite non-edible Easter gifts:


Books make great gifts for every occasion and Easter is no different. Anything from a traditional book about the story of Easter to fun titles featuring rabbits or chicks are perfect for any child. The boy has a copy of the Easter Bunny Story (pictured above and available from Buy a Gift for £9.99) which is personalised and really lovely. He likes me to read the cute rhyming story and then find his name on every page. A thoughtful gift and one that is relatively inexpensive. For adults, you may consider a spring-themed recipe or gardening book.


Few gifts scream springtime more than fresh flowers so why not treat someone special to a bunch of their favourites, or a seasonal classic like daffodils? 

Playmobil eggs

For a couple of years now we have bought our children Playmobil Easter eggs (around £6 from most toy shops) as well as a chocolate one. They are bright, fun, and a good alternative if you don’t want to give your child chocolate for Easter but still want to buy them something. I’ve never found the contents to be particularly seasonally themed but this at least means that the gift will outlast Easter.


Egg boiler

What could be better than soft boiled eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday? Delicious and nutritious, yet not a meal I make very often due to my inability to successfully boil an egg – they are usually hard inside, though occasionally I manage to leave the whole thing runny. If you are similarly rubbish at this aspect of cooking, consider popping a Severin egg boiler on your Easter wish list. Priced at around £30, they are a little more expensive than most Easter gifts though can obviously be used time and time again, all year round.


Lush cosmetics


I recently discovered that Lush Cosmetics has an Easter range and I am so  that I did. There are a good selection of products, each reasonably priced, beautifully scented and as gorgeously bright as any other Lush product. An ideal Easter gift on its own or as part of a larger hamper; I can think of so many people who would LOVE to receive some of these goodies this year!

Do you buy non-edible Easter gifts? What are your favourites?

We received the Severin and Lush products for the purposes of this post; all words are our own.

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