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Mother’s Day Activites at Squires Garden Centres


I am never really sure what to say when my children ask me what I would like for Mother’s Day, but continue to ask they do (particularly Miss J who is keen to make a fuss of me, thoughtful lass that she is). I am not one for material gifts as such, not from my children anyway. I far prefer the homemade touch – a card they’ve made themselves without prompting trumps any lavish gift picked up in a mad panic the day before. I think that is why I so love the Mother’s Day activity that Squires Garden Centres have come up with this year – a container of flowers that your little ones choose and put together all by themselves.


We were invited to preview this activity last weekend and I now have two beautiful tubs of flowers on my windowsill, for which I am very grateful. The children’s experience began with a mooch round the garden centre to choose their own ribbon and flowers. The boy wanted blue-ish colours whilst Miss J opted for pinks and oranges. The member of staff in charge of the activity was clearly very knowledgeable and was also very patient with the children, even the boy who, as he usually does with strangers, completely clammed up and took to pointing at the flowers he wanted instead of politely asking.


Once the flowers had been picked out, the children were taken to a table with some compost and shown how to take their plants from their pots and put them into their lined containers.



Miss J really loved this bit as she is not afraid to get her hands dirty – the boy was more reticent. Craft and messy play activities can be hit and miss with him and this was one of the less successful attempts, though he gave it a good go.



For £3.99 per child, I think this is a wonderful, and great value, activity for Mother’s Day. It’s lovely to receive something so personal from your child, having seen the thought and work that went into producing it. For an extra £2.50, it is also possible for children to make a card to go with the flowers. If your children are into crafts, I would definitely recommend booking them in for this weekend. Of course, once they have finished their masterpieces, it would be rude not to allow them to treat you to tea and cake in the cafe! I think that was possibly the boy’s favourite part of our visit…


Now, how to break it to him that I really wouldn’t like a lightsaber for Mother’s Day…

We were able to take part in this activity free of charge for the purposes of this this review; all thoughts are our own.

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