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Muddy Boots


We are a family that likes to get out and about, we really are. We don’t mind wind or drizzle, mud or seawater, puddles or trees. They all add to our fun. Puddle suits and wellies are essential to our plans, as are changes of clothes and towels, for those extra messy adventures. As long as they go home warm and snug eventually, my children are happy to get wet and muddy and cold.


Muddy boots are, to me, the sign of a day well spent. I would far rather my children play outside throughout winter than get too used to being occupied by screens indoors. As such, I look for wet weather gear that will last a season. With boots and waterproofs being used almost daily, they need to be strong and made well. I am happy to pay a little extra for products that tick my boxes as apposed to buying cheaply only to have to replace regularly. Our favourite boots at the moment are the PuddleStompers from Muddy Puddles


Strong, well made, practical (reflective strip along the seam at the back of the boot), they can be climbed in, they are useful for winter trips to the beach as nobody wants freezing seawater on their toes! I adore the collection and always struggle to choose between styles. The bright colours are right up my street and I love that they stand out in a crowd. I would say all of the colours and patterns of the PuddleStompers are unisex, which is also a bonus. We had the teal raindrop boots first off, which lasted the boy a year of full on use before developing a split in one side. Being boots, obviously if one is useless, they both are so we were very grateful to receive a new pair to review.


The new ones are bright red with blue spots and the boy and I both adore them. PuddleStompers always attract lots of comments on how they look, and I am satisfied that they meet our needs when it comes to practicalities. At just £20 I think they are great value too. I have previously looked at other wellies that are more high end yet they come with a ridiculous price tag – I refuse to believe that any welly boot for a five year old is worth £50!

PuddleStompers are fun and funky, practical and pretty, cosy and comfortable – and they are great for cycling too!


We received one pair of PuddleStomper wellies in exchange for an honest review; all words are my own.

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