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Siblings – 2016 – April

I’ve spent a long time thinking this past week, mostly about my blogs and my social media presence in general. My overall intention is to start spending less time generating more content. I am bored with spending all day glued to a phone or an iPad, wasting time whilst waiting for inspiration to hit. I no longer want to be that parent at the park with one eye permanently on their phone “just in case” I miss something. In reality, what I am missing is right there in front of me – my children and their fleeting childhood. 

Emails can be dealt with during school hours and blogging can commence once the children are asleep at night. I really would like to be more productive and to be posting daily, perhaps scheduling extra posts on less busy days. With a huge interest in social media management as a career option, I obviously cannot quit social media altogether, though I do intend to spend more time researching and creating content for my work accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram whilst simultaneously spending less time on my personal account. 

With regard to this blog, I am keen to go back to basics a little more. When I first started writing Smiles and Trials five years ago, it was for the sole purpose of creating a lasting memory of my children’s early years for them to look back on. I aim to write more about them over the coming months, scaling back on product reviews in the process. I will still be writing about our days out and travel experiences as I am still inspired by these posts but a lot of the featured content is starting to leave me cold.

I am starting as I mean to go on by writing a monthly post about my siblings, featuring photographs of them taken during April. In years to come, it will be lovely to look back and see how they changed, month by month.

I can’t really believe it is the end of April already, it is a month that has flown by, though it has not been without its trials. The children lost their great nan last week, the first relative of theirs to pass within their lifetime, which made for a sad few days. On the other hand, Miss J spent her first night away from home on a Brownie sleepover, which was very exciting for her. Of course, I had my doubts and my tears over it – my baby is growing up so quickly. She also took her Brownie Promise, which was a proud moment for us all, though I can’t quite believe I have a child old enough to be an actual Brownie! 

We have enjoyed some fun days out this month, including Amberley Museum, where we spent today. I am really looking forward to spending more family time outdoors in the coming months as the weather (hopefully) improves. 

My siblings this month have been rather trying. Whenever they are cooped up indoors, they fight so much. They are really different so struggle to find things to play together and invariably get in each other’s way and just find one another intensely irritating. When out and about, however, they are a lot more tolerant. They need lots of space to run and play, and lots of freedom to explore. I have not quite got to the bottom of why they wind each other up so much the majority of the time so a solution is not on the horizon but they have never had an argument whilst climbing trees or clambering over rocks, that is all I know.

They would be lost without each other, I know that, and a lot of their squabbling is just regular sibling stuff, so I don’t mind too much. They stick up for each other if one is in trouble and their bond is obvious despite the arguments. Sometimes I forget that my sisters and I were just the same as children and are very close now – kids will be kids, and siblings will be siblings…

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