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Simple Outdoor Fitness Activities this Spring

Don’t let the grey skies and intermittent drizzle fool you; spring has most definitely sprung. Daffodils are abundant, cherry blossom adorns trees like fairy lights, and the scent of cut grass fills the air. The warmer weather means exercising outdoors becomes much less of a chore, with walking, cycling and swimming in the sea all valid options. However, this time of year can also be a real headache for so many people with allergies rearing their heads once again. To coincide with National Allergy Awareness Week, I have come up with three easy outdoor fitness activities to try alongside a tool kit to help manage hay fever:

1. Scoot home from the school run

When it’s dry, scooting is a fun activity and can help alleviate the boredom of making the same journey twice a day. Investing in a Maxi Micro Scooter for your child (£99.99, John Lewis) gives you the opportunity to ride it home for them after the school run, injecting some extra cardio into your daily routine.


2.  Rollerskate around the park

This is something you could do whilst the children are playing inside the park, or an activity you could try together if they are brave! Skating is fantastic exercise, strengthening your leg muscles as well as providing a cardio boost if you are able to get some speed up.

3. Use an outdoor gym

This is an activity that can be enjoyed by all the family – our children find using the apparatus hilarious and busy themselves playing on them whilst we work our way round the circuit. 

These activities, and many more besides, are simple, fun and free (if you already have the basic equipment at home). However, taking place outdoors means they can aggravate symptoms of hay fever in warmer months. Here, I have some tips on ways to manage these symptoms:

Drink plenty of water

Take an antioxidant, such as Pycnogenol, which can help prevent sore eyes and a runny nose

Keep an antihistamine tablet with you, in case of a sever flare-up

Use a nasal spray and/or eye drops

With a bit of luck, these tips will help prevent hay fever symptoms from getting out of control and enable you to make the most of the warmer weathe this spring, as well as getting more exercise.

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