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Fun Family Reunions Without the Hassle

We arguably lead busier lives than ever before. Family commitments, social lives, hobbies and a constant workload all compete for our attention. We may be lucky enough to live close to family members and meet regularly with them. But for many family, a year or twice yearly reunion is all they can manage. Even if you’re able to meet more regularly than this, it can still be a major feat to find days and weekends that we are all free. For this reason, it makes sense to make the most of every reunion opportunity we have. Keeping everyone happy during the reunion can be an additional stress, but it doesn’t have to be. With children in tow, it is important to find activities and venues with lots of space and fun that will hold their interest. If you have a family or friend reunion coming up and you’re struggling for ideas, take some inspiration from the suggestions below.

A Beach Day Or Country Walk

There are few things better or more beneficial than to be out in the fresh air. With family and friends, the experience can be more exhilarating than ever. Even if we have varying levels of fitness or health amongst the family, we can make it work. A beach day can be wonderful even when the sun isn’t shining. On a beautiful day, we can paddle in the water and relax in the warm sun. But on gloomier days, we can bring hot flasks of tea to cuddle up with and blankets for in the car. We can have fish and chips as we stroll along the shoreline, or hole up in a cosy seaside pub. A country walk can also be a great opportunity to chat and stretch our legs. Pack sensibly in case the weather takes a turn for the worst but don’t be discouraged! Getting warm and dry again at home with cocoa and sandwiches can all be part of the fun.

A Home-Cooked Meal

Many of us associate family and nostalgia with wholesome home cooking. Cooking may seem a startling suggestion if you’re catering for several guests. But you can make it work for you. Why not encourage visiting members of the family to bring a favourite dish of their own? This helps to ensure that anyone with allergies or special dietary requirements is catered for too. With a bit of coordination, extra dishes brought on the day can give a fun and friendly atmosphere. Passing plates and sharing recipes is a great way to get the conversation going. Be sure to make things easier for yourself by planning well in advance. Dining tables and chairs can be cleaned and arranged the night before to prevent a mad rush.

The Zoo Or A Farm

Animals seem to be fun and intriguing for any age group! Zoos and open farms can be a great educational experience. But they also have the advantage of having lots of space. We can easily push a wheelchair or pram around without fear of causing hassle. So we can be confident that both young and elderly members of the family will be catered for. Zoos and farms often also have a cafe so we can easily make a full day of it. Don’t forget to pack a camera to capture some adorable moments!


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