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Summer Holiday Fun for an Active Childhood

I’m so confused as to how it’s almost July, and feeling a little sad as my babies prepare to leave their reception and year 2 classes respectively. However, I am quite excited about our summer holidays – spending six weeks with the children always sounds like such a lovely idea in June! At the beginning of August, we are flying to Mykonos and then heading to Paros for a few days with Nanny Bee, but other than that have no concrete plans. I have lots of things that I would like to do this summer, from camping trips and days out to science experiments and reading challenges – the overall theme being one of simple, outdoor fun and, hopefully, plenty of time spent with family and friends. 

Relaxing at the Runnymede-on-Thames hotel and spa

Forest school and beach education ideas always appeal to me and I would love to spend some days exploring these; building dens, making campfires, searching for bugs and sea creatures…

Making friends with bugs at the Eden Project

One of our favourite things to do last summer was to visit art galleries with a sketchbook. Miss J did some lovely drawings and I find it helped her to absorb so much more information than simply wandering around looking. Being Britain, there’s a good chance we will have a few rainy days, and this is a great indoor activity. 

Sketching Lord Kitchener in London

We also take part in the summer reading challenge at our local library each year – this may well be the first year that the boy gets involved too – and have fun at our local museum’s craft workshops. Ticking off some of the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4 is a great way to try something new as well. Damming a stream and making mud pies are top of my list for this year; both put me in mind of my own childhood. We will definitely be taking a trip to the gorgeous Petworth House and Park and I would love to visit Nymans too, though I’m not sure we will be able to get there via the joy that is public transport.

Dress up and role play at Petworth House

A few other simple, inexpensive ideas for outdoor fun this summer include:

Photography sightseeing challenge (using disposable cameras) – the results could be used in a summer scrapbook or diary.

Mystery bus tour – let the kids decide where to take you for the day.

Giant bubbles – experiment with different solutions to find the best for giant bubbles.

Outdoor painting – cover a wall or fence in a roll of paper and let them get creative.

Fruit picking 

Outdoor cinema/theatre – have wanted to do this for years 

Puddle jumping – because there’s bound to be plenty of opportunity!

For rainy days:

Try making donuts

Invite a friend for a sleepover (only if you’re feeling brave!)

Rainy day busy bags – fill large envelopes with resources to encourage activity. Some ideas include writing to pen friends, t-shirt designing, budgeting/shopping idea, baking etc

Have any more ideas for an active, educational summer? I would love to hear them in the comments.