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5 Fun Ideas For Your Teenager’s Birthday Party

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to please. They each have their own specific tastes, which can be difficult to meet at times. Birthdays are particularly tricky times. You won’t want to disappoint them with your choice of presents for them. And there is also a birthday party to organise! It’s no longer as easy as holding a tea party. As your teenagers may think they are all grown up, they will want something more than just a standard kid’s party. To help you decide what to do for your teenager’s party, here are some fun ideas.



GoQuest is an indoor challenge that is aimed at teenagers and adults. The custom-built arena has different challenge rooms. Working together as a group, everyone in the room has to try and solve the puzzle or challenge in a set amount of time. There is a variety of things to take part in. From light physical activities to mental problems. Teenagers will love going here with their friends for a birthday party. After they’ve finished, they can enjoy some cake in the cafe.


If you don’t have much money to spend on your teenager’s birthday party, simply tell them they can organise a sleepover. They can get all their friends over and stay up well into the small hours watching films or playing computer games. Just remember to provide them with some snacks and drinks. The best thing about sleepovers is that they will be staying under your roof. So you can keep an eye on them!

Experience Day

There are now many experience days that are suitable for teenagers. If you have a daughter, she might like to have a spa experience day. Boys might prefer to spend the day racing around a racetrack with a motorcar driver. Some experience days are weather dependent. So your teenager might have to wait until summer to enjoy their special birthday treat.

Scavenger Hunt

Treasure hunts are fun for kid’s birthday parties. Your teenagers might get bored of them as they get older, though. But they won’t get bored of a scavenger hunt! Split the group up into teams and give them all a list of some things they need to collect. They should then go off and see what they can find by wandering around your village or town. At least this gets them out of your hair for a while!

Fancy Dress Party

Kids love playing dress up. And this is something most people never grow out of! If you are having a party at your house for your teenager, you should set a theme. That way, everyone will turn up in fun costumes. It’s certainly one way to make the party super fun! Everyone will definitely have a great laugh at everyone else’s costumes.

Has one of these ideas popped out to you? It’s a good idea to suggest the idea to your teenager and see if they’re happy with it. It is their birthday after all! They might be too happy if you organise something without them knowing.