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Keeping a Clean and Organised Home When You Have Kids

When you have a busy lifestyle with active kids, keeping a tidy and organised home too can be a bit of a balancing act. But to run your family efficiently and save yourself stress is an important thing to get right. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult, just a bit of forward planning and the ability to stick to a routine. Here are a few ways to keep a clean and organised home when you have kids.

Make Sure Everything Has a Place

This prevents those mad morning dashes around the house, looking for a lost shoe or book bag. Assign a place to everything and teach your kids where things go. For example, when they come home from school their shoes and coats come straight off and are put neatly into the cupboard. Lunch boxes go straight into the sink, and homework goes straight onto their desk. If you haven’t already, invest in a good filing cabinet or filing system of some kind and get into the habit of putting documents in the right place as they come into the house. That way if you need any important paperwork for the school or have to refer back to anything, you know exactly where it is.

Protect Your Furniture and Carpets

When you have kids, sticky fingers and spills are just a way of life. So taking a few steps to protect your sofas and carpets will keep them looking nice and will mean they last for a lot longer. Choosing a sofa with removable covers or a hardwearing material like leather is a good idea when you have kids, but regularly using throws will help to protect any material. It takes seconds to chuck a throw over the sofa each morning, and plus it will be extra cosy and snuggly to sit on as well. When they get dirty you can simply put them on a hot wash, much easier than trying to get stains out of your sofa cushions! To protect carpets, putting down inexpensive rugs can be a good option. It gives children something soft to sit on when they’re playing on the floor, and can be replaced when they wear out a lot more cheaply than replacing an entire carpet.

Assign Simple Chores To Children

Chores are good for children, as they can help to teach them responsibility. The key is to choose chores that are right for your child’s age and maturity level. Things like putting their dirty clothes into the laundry basket and putting toys back into a toybox are a good start. Any tasks that are slightly more difficult such as making beds or feeding pets can be done under your supervision at first, and can help to keep the house running smoothly over time.

Spend Ten Minutes Tidying Every Evening

Spending just ten minutes each evening can make a huge amount of difference. Pick up anything that has been left out, and put into the right place. Give your kitchen sink and draining board a quick spray with some disinfectant and put bleach down the toilet in the bathrooms. These kind of habits help to keep your home ticking over, and make everything so much easier when you come to do your full clean up.

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