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Supplementing KS1 Learning with Education Quizzes

Summer brain drain can be a real worry for parents. Personally, I don’t see it as a valid concern as I feel that the majority of children are still learning throughout the holidays. For example, my children read, write postcards and diary entries, draw, manage holiday money, play games such as Scrabble and Uno, and enjoy inventing stories with their beloved Story Cubes.


However, if you would still like to refresh your child’s memory ahead of the new school year, I can highly recommended teacher-devised education quizzes. My children are seven and five so we have been focusing on KS1 (though Miss J will be starting KS2 in September) and the tests are brilliant. Miss J sailed through them, whereas the boy enjoyed the challenge of simple spelling and arithmetic questions. I like that the questions are worded to check for comprehension; for example, different maths questions contained the words “add” or “plus” to check that the child knows they mean the same thing.

Education Quizzes are designed to help children thrive at school; they are also a good indicator of the areas in which your child may need a little extra help. The site and all its contents can be accessed once a monthly subscription had been set up – this costs £7.50/month and can be cancelled at any time. With KS1-3, 11-Plus, and even GCSE and ESL quizzes available, most children would benefit from access to the site, and if you sign up whilst your child is small, it will grow with them.

Of course, children are not cheap and an extra £90 per year is not going to be affordable for every family. With this in mind, Education Quizzes are looking to promote the site in schools, with a view to the school covering the cost of the subscription on behalf of each child, at a reduced fee (as little as £2 per year). This would allow all students equal access to the resources and no doubt be beneficial for all concerned. 

As the children are enjoying the quizzes and I will no doubt find them useful as the new school year progresses, I am keen to subscribe to the site. Ideally, though, their school will catch on to the idea and save me a few precious pennies over the coming months! Fingers crossed…

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