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Five Things Every Student Needs

In September, I started back at college as well as carrying on with my distance learning degree. During the summer, I stocked up on things I thought were “essential” to my study, though some things I now realise we’re rather superfluous. Here are my top five things that every student really needs:

Sticky notes 

Great for use as bookmarks and for general note taking, I use them all the time. A selection of different sizes and colours is particularly useful.


I have spent so much money on various sets of pens over the past couple of years but the ones I always come back to are the regular yellow and green highlighters, ideal for quickly picking out relevant textbook information during lessons at college that can then be easily found later at home.


With so much college and uni work now done online (my assignments are submitted via Google Drive and an eTMA service respectively), a decent laptop is an absolutely must-have for any student.

USB stick

For college, some of my assignments are things like creating information leaflets and posters, which can’t be submitted electronically. I have a printing allowance so a USB stick is handy to have so I can create work at home but print it in college.

NUS card

I wouldn’t be without mine – so many shops offer student discounts, and places like Pizza Express have a 40% student discount on Monday’s and Tuesday’s! It is so worth having.

Are you a student? What would you add to my list of essentials?

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