30 Before 30, All about me
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30 Before 30 – The Final Edit

30th birthday cake with sparklers

I feel as though I should mark the impending 30th anniversary of my birth in spectacular style, though as yet have failed to find a suitably brilliant idea, so this list will have to do for now.  To kick off my 30th year having achieved (strong word for some of these activities) these things would be nice, if not life-changing.  I am generally pretty rubbish at ticking off stuff I want to do, but I’m determined to give this little lot my best shot.  Really, none of them should be terribly difficult; they’re basically what I wish it was acceptable for my New Year’s resolutions to be every year…

Read 30 books recommended by other people

Watch a West End show

Have afternoon tea somewhere pretty

Watch 30 movies from the 80’s

Read all the Harry Potter books with Jasmine

Go camping with the kids

See at least one more stand up show

Make cocktails at home

Visit Stonehenge

Have lunch in a really lovely old pub

See a play at the Globe Theatre

Complete five random acts of kindness

Go to the beach every day for 30 days

Eat at Jamie’s Italian (ambitious, huh?)

See if I can still remember how to rollerblade

Buy a new bike

Pass my TA course (very important)

Visit any country for the first time

Do more of what I love without giving a shit what anyone else things

Take Sonny to see lions somewhere (on stage or in a zoo counts)

Wear more colours

Volunteer somewhere, doing whatever needs to be done

Redecorate our bedroom

Eat tapas

Make donuts at home

Take the kids to Brownsea Island

Have an article published in a magazine

Reach 5,000 followers on Instagram

Interview someone I admire

Research my family tree

30 things, 280 days. Let’s do this.