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Christmas on the i360

Today we took a flight with Santa, in Brighton of all places. The sea a reflection of the slate grey sky, I was not very optimistic that we would see a great deal, but the children were rather giddy with excitement.

We were asked to arrive at the British Airways i360 20 minutes pre-flight, which gave enough time to have our tickets scanned, pose for photos, present our bags for checking and be scanned before entry. Soon after checking in, we were boarding the i360. The children, of course, couldn’t wait to check out the views.

Inside the donut, as we affectionately refer to it, is spacious with seating around the back wall. There is a champagne bar but no toilet. Then there are the views. Admittedly, beneath today’s drape of mist, we could not see much further than the Marina, but it was interesting to see Brighton from a new perspective.

All this week, right up until Christmas Eve, there are Santa flights twice daily, at 2 and 4pm. There is an increased fee for this but the children do receive a gift in return. Santa was on board our flight and greeted each child alongside his elf.

As the donut descended, Santa’s Elf brought a pile of books to the children and asked them to choose one each to keep. 

We spent a few more minutes looking at the view and taking pictures.

Then it was time to exit, via the gift shop. On sale here were some lovely items but unfortunately they were very expensive. Also onsite are plenty of toilets, and a cafe. Having worked out that it would have cost the six of us around £70 to take the short flight, it certainly makes for a costly treat but, on a clear day especially, rather a memorable one.

The i360 is open daily; ticket prices start at £7.50 for a child, with under 4s visiting for free. We received two adult and two child tickets free of charge for the purposes of this post. All views are our own.

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  1. Fab! I wonder if I should send hubby up with noodle. I’m a bit terrified. More scared of being scared not having had a fear of heights for very long. It does intrigue me though.