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Cupcakes and Bingo

The morning cup of coffee is something we all just can’t miss. Not only does it stir our senses but also peps up the whole day. But the same caffeine dose each day can get pretty boring. Try something new by following our microwave coffee cake idea!

Just use the regular ingredients you would use to bake a chocolate cake, but add two tea spoons of instant coffee powder to the mix. Microwave this mixture for five minutes, and remove. Add a sprinkling of powdered sugar and cinnamon and place into the microwave again.  

Meanwhile the mixture is in the microwave, you could totally get engrossed in a few online games such as poker or bingo. Mornings always start good with a bingo or casino game, I believe.

This way, you can not only get that daily infusion of caffeine, but also splurge on a hearty breakfast, enough to keep you hunger-free till lunch.

I like to add other components sometimes to make things fun. Broken cookies are sometimes added to the dough, heavy chocolate pieces, chocolate drops in the centre, or maybe some Irish whisky.

Reducing the cocoa and adding a latte or cappuccino flavor also gives it a unique twist. On a hot day, a scoop of ice cream just makes it yummier. Try with vanilla, chocolate and even cream.

Why stick to the old? Try new ingredients that you think will make a good addition. Taking less than fifteen minutes to make, it is ideal even for tea parties and play dates. Just fill 10-15 cups with this mixture and watch your guests go wild!