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Five Cosmetic Gift Ideas

Christmas may be within touching distance but there is still time to sort last minute gifts (thankfully). If you’re struggling to find a pressie for the friend or relative who has everything, it might be worth considering a beauty treatment or other cosmetic procedure. Of course, these won’t be for everyone and be warned, some of those outlined below are a little on the unusual side!

Cellulite treatment

This clearly isn’t going to be a gift that goes down well for everyone but you may have a friend or sibling who you know is keen to try this procedure, in which case it could be a very thoughtful and well-received present. Pulse Light Clinic are just one centre who offer cellulite treatments in London and can be contacted on info@pulselightclinic.co.uk

Alternatively, if you are looking for yourself, contact Pulse Light Clinic to book in a free consultation and patch test on 0207 523 5158 today.


Facials include a variety of skin care treatments for the face; every facial is different but the treatment may offer aspects of steam, exfoliation, creams, potions, facial masks, peels or massage. They are a popular spa treatment and can be booked for couples, mums and daughters, or groups of friends, making them great gift packages.


The perfect gift for your stressed-out friend, someone you know has had a tough year, or just someone you think deserves a little extra pampering and time to themselves. Again, massages vary a lot but this just means there is an option for everyone!

Mum-to-be Pampering Session

Friend or sibling recently announced they are expecting? Book them a mum-to-be spa session and prepare to be swathed in gratitude…

Anal bleaching

Yes, really. For the person who truly has everything, or has ever shown an interest in such a treatment (perhaps they heard their favourite celebrity tried it out and don’t want to be outdone?), it is possible to book a course of anal bleaching treatments. 

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