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How School is About More Than Just Education

School isn’t just about education. I think a lot of parents make this mistake and push their children to focus solely on their grades and nothing else while they are at school. If you make this mistake with your kids, you will find that they are only getting half of the experience that they should be receiving. School is about socialising, learning new skills and finding hobbies that they love. It’s about understanding the world in ways that will help them later in life, developing their first relationships and forming friendship groups. If you focus purely on the studying aspect of school, then your kids are going to miss out. Here are some other school activities you should encourage your kids to take part in:

School Trips

I know there aren’t many children who don’t leap at the chance of going on a school trip. Particularly, if it means that they get a few weeks without proper school lessons. But it’s true to say that some parents resist sending their kids on school trips. Usually, this is due to the cost. The cost of the trip is a massive expense that some parents won’t want to pay for and I get that. Particularly, if you are planning on taking your child on a similar vacation in the summer. But, a school trip is different from a typical family holiday. Is the chance to go somewhere different with their friends. It’s at this point that they strengthen already existing friendships and relationships. 

From an academic side, it is also true to say that these trips often have unique advantages. For instance, if you’re learning about the battle of the Somme in school, it can be useful to see where it actually took place. Teachers often use these classes as a chance for a little extra study, particularly when exams draw near. Thus by not letting your kids go on a trip like this, you could limit their chance of learning facts they need for their next test or exam. 

School trips are also the perfect opportunity to see somewhere new that they might not have experienced before. For instance school trips to Paris are the opportunity to explore not just a new country but a new culture as well. 

Sports Activities 

I think there are plenty of kids who hate the idea of participating in extracurricular sports activities at school. In some cases, this will be because they have no interest in sports. In others, it will be because they just don’t want to participate at school. Is it worth encouraging them to get involved and stay active? Actually yes and there are a few key reasons for this. 

First, again if you look at it from an educational standpoint, joining a sports team will look fantastic on a CV. It will also help them gain a position in college or university. Thus, it could certainly benefit them in later life. It also teaches children skills that employers will one day find incredibly attractive such as the ability to work in a team. 

Other Extracurricular Activities

Of course, if your kid absolutely hates sports there are other activities that can be just as beneficial. For instance, they might want to try out drama. Drama allows them to get over their fear of performing in public or embarrassment. I think we can all agree this is something else that will serve children well later in life. It’s worth making sure that your kids do get on stage at some point during their time at school. It will mean they won’t be afraid of doing this time and time again later. You can even say that by performing in school, they might be more ready for interviews and other life experiences that will one day be crucial. 

Charity And Giving Back 

Last but not least, you may want to think about making sure that your children do participate in activities around giving something back. Schools often try to encourage this without children having to volunteer. But there will always be chances to do a little more. For instance, the DOE award actually involves working in a charity shop for up to eight weeks. It’s here that kids can learn about what it means to help other people in the world. Or benefit those who are less fortunate than themselves. Again, this will look fantastic when they apply for their first job. But it will also build up who they are and shape who they could become. 

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