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New Year Wanderlust

Winter sun has never appealed to me more than right about now. The weather is cold and dark and we are all back at work and school with long busy days that tire us out. Weekends recently have been too cold, really, to properly enjoy time spent outdoors. We have been to the park and the beach, of course, but our visits never last long because one or other of us inevitably starts turning blue and we have to head home. The children are full of pent up energy, grumpy, arguing, in real need of a proper run out (I realise they sound like dogs here but it’s true).

Tell me it’s not just us?

Last February we headed to Greece for some winter warmth and I am starting to wish we had booked something to brighten up this new year too.

Of course, just because we have no immediate plans doesn’t mean I haven’t been lusting over winter sunshine breaks online! The Canaries seem to be immensely popular for families at this time of year and I must admit I am tempted by Tenerife. I would also love to head back to Greece, or venture to Morocco. Somewhere that isn’t going to be roasting, but warmer than here – the temperature here right now is -2 😳

Oh, if only money were no object… 

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