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Finding the Right White Goods to Suit Your Family 

The world of white goods can be a minefield and, with an overwhelming range of products available, how can you confidently choose the right one for your family? 

Last year, we needed to replace our washing machine and, having had very little luck with them in the past, it was especially important to me that we choose the best possible machine we could. After weeks of research and umming and ahhing, we went for a Hotpoint model.

To help make the decision, I spoke to family and friends, scoured online electrical shops and made use of the excellent and comprehensive reviews at https://appliancereviewer.co.uk/

Did I make the right decision? Absolutely! Ten months later and I have a machine with a large drum that runs several times a day with no problems, has never broken down, removes stains at low temperatures and has a very convenient 30 minute cycle, perfect for quickly washing school uniform of an evening.

I can thoroughly recommend both the Hotpoint and the site I used to help me decide that it was the best machine to buy!

What are your top tips for choosing the right white goods for your family? I’d love to hear them in the comments. 

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