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Bring a Touch of Luxury to Your Home with These Simple Tips

Ever noticed how you might find it hard to relax if your house is messy or unclean? Many of us are very susceptible to the environment around us – meaning that the state of our home can actually directly affect our mood. This is why if you are in need of a little R&R, the first thing you do before you put on Spotify and crack open the wine is to create a relaxing and luxurious space around you. If the room you are in is perfectly geared towards indulgence and opulence, you will find it much easier to let your worries drift away and have some quality ‘me-time’. As most of us tend to escape to our bedrooms when we need a little bit of space, why not start there? Read on to find out how you can add some high-class to your bedroom to make it the perfect sanctuary.


Many of us often underestimate the power of lighting in our homes. You can have the most beautifully decorated room in the world; but if the lighting is poor, it can drag down the entire aesthetic. Lighting that is too harsh can give your bedroom a stark, industrial feel. So, avoid bright white lights (stay away from anything that resembles strip lighting!) and go for softer, warmer hues instead. This also gives you the opportunity to play around with different styles of lamp, depending on your personal taste. Some kinds of dim lighting can help to get you in the mood to sleep – although it’s best to also have a bright ceiling light for when you do need to be able to see better. However, it’s not just an overly lit room that can cause problems with your sleep pattern. You may have heard about the blue light emitted from mobile phones and television screens. This hue can stop melatonin being produced in the brain – the hormone that helps you to drift off to sleep. If you need to have electronics such as phones in the room with you before you go to bed, change the settings so that they send out an orange-based light rather than a blue one.

Your bed 

There’s nothing quite like falling into a big cosy bed after a long day. It can be one of the best ways to treat yourself. But if your bed is a little lackluster you will probably be missing that luxury feeling. Ever notice how much better you sleep in a hotel bed or when you are on holiday? Many of us forget to take care of our owns beds the way we would someone else’s. But you may as well start treating yourself sooner rather than later! A good quality mattress is one of the best investments you’ll ever make, so don’t just opt for the first one you see in the store. You can now find hundreds of different types of mattresses that cater for everyone’s personal preferences. Another way to make your bed a place of luxury is to invest in hotel bedding. After all, if you can have the hotel feel at home, why not get it? You will immediately notice the difference in quality and you will probably find that your bedding lasts a lot longer too. Finish the look by dressing your bed with a soft throw or some decorative cushions so it always looks inviting.


I adore the look of a blind in a room, I think it can be so much more of a feature than curtains and is simple to tie in with a theme.  They are also versatile, being suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, lounges and studies and, of course, bedrooms.  The range of colours, styles and fabrics can be overwhelming but what this really means is that there is a blind to suit every taste, budget and home.



One sure fire way to add a bit of extra sparkle to your bedroom is to add some high-class decor. It’s always the little things that can make a big difference, so don’t scrimp on them! Having trinkets and beautiful decor around your room can also lift your mood as well, as nothing dampens spirits more than a dull, uninspiring space. A fabulous piece of art displayed at a vantage point immediately adds a touch of class to your bedroom, and it’s a talking point as well. Or, you may choose to skip on the wall art and instead display a decorative sculpture on your chest of drawers. If you are settling in for a spa night, the one thing you need to add is a great selection of candles. The pleasant odour and the dancing light emitted by the candles creates a relaxing atmosphere and one that can help you drift off to sleep too. If candles aren’t your thing, you can get a similar effect with fairy lights and the use of incense to create a nice smell. Add a fluffy rug to your flooring and you’re good to go – after all, luxury is all about the details.

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