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Planning a Cruise: Norwegian Fjords

I feel I should tell you first of all that I am not a great sailor; for me, cruises generally represent a terrifying experience that should be avoided at all costs. The vast waters, the days at sea, the claustrophobic aspect of being trapped on-board.  Though I am getting better at travelling on water, I imagine it is far easier to distract oneself on the relatively short rides between Greek Islands than it is on a cruise.


There is one destination for which I would be prepared to try to overcome my fear of cruises. Norway.  The Fjords.  Such dramatically beautiful landscapes coupled with fairytale stops along the way.  This is one journey I would love to make.


A fascination of Norway, indeed Scandinavia in general, fuels this dream and a desire to travel as a family encourages me to make more imminent plans.  Added to that, Jasmine has requested that we see the Northern Lights, and Sonny has asked that we find somewhere to go where there will be snow.  A Norwegian Fjords cruise may just tick all of our boxes.


I have been researching Fjord cruise journeys, routes and destinations to find the places I would most like to spend time in and Bergen, pictured above, is rapidly scaling the top of my list. Featuring Bryggen, which is on the UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage sites, and Fløyen, which is intriguingly described as a “mountain city”, Bergen seems to have a bit of everything.


Another place high on my list of cruise destinations is Stavanger.  Home to Preikestolen or “Pulpit Rock”, which was name by Lonely Planet as the number one most breathtaking viewing platform in the world, Stavanger combines sublime nature with bustling metropolis to offer an experience unlike many others.  With a huge array of shops and dining opportunities, there are just so many reasons to visit.


I am quite sure those views could never get boring!

As the children get older, I am more and more convinced that they would thrive on a cruise and soak up all the knowledge and culture on offer.  They already adore travelling; seeing new places and learning new things, having been exposed from an early age.  The best thing we can do for them now is continue to foster that love of travel so that they might hold on to it for a lifetime.

With that in mind, I’m off to take a closer look at Norwegian Fjord cruises…

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