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End of Term Teacher Gift Ideas

In a fortnight’s time, my chicks will be back in the nest for the summer; a notion that fills me with equal measures of warmth and dread.  For now, though, their days are marked by reports and sports days and special assemblies and choir practices.  This means that there is not much time left to source a special teacher gift.  Now, you may not buy gifts for your child’s teacher, and that’s fine, but definitely hang around as some of the items I’ve found are great for other occasions too.  And if you do like to send along a token of your appreciation on the last day of term, and you’ve yet to find a suitable offering this year, I’ve found a handful of beauties.  I’ll start with the gifts I’ve chosen for the teachers of my own children and finish off with a few other gems.

Personalised Wine Label from Milabel (Etsy)

These labels are one of the best discoveries I’ve ever made online and their appeal never dulls.  I’ve bought two of these this year – one for my son’s teacher and one for his TA – and they are just brilliant.  Amusing, cute, very, very true and you attach them to a bottle of wine; what’s not to love?

teacher gift

These cost £3.50 each or £6 for two and arrived the morning after I ordered them, making them absolutely ideal for all your last-minute panic-buying needs.  The wine is obviously sold separately and can be tailored to individual tastes as these labels will fit any standard bottle.  Order them here.

Personalised Print from Corkymandle

For Jasmine’s teacher we went for something a little more traditional with a beautiful personalised print from Corkymandle.

2017-07-08 19.39.41

Excuse the poor quality picture, it is a million times nicer in real life, just tricky to photograph.  There are a number of hairstyles and colours to choose from as well as the choice of shorts or skirt and seven jumper colours.  The text can be personalised to reflect your child and their teacher and the overall effect, I think, is lovely.  The print is on the more expensive side; an email copy will set you back £18 with a simple mounted print (what I went for) costing £25 and framed prints going all the way up to an eye-popping £58.  I would suggest going for the mounted print and framing it yourself.  These prints can be ordered here.

Sweary Pencils from Proper Post

To supplement my son’s teacher’s wine, I have bought a pack of sweary pencils from Proper Post natch.  I personally think that every adult gift should include these stationery essentials and would actually love a set of my very own.WhatsApp-Image-2016-11-22-at-18.40.27-600x600

Tell me you don’t love them too?!

Each pack costs £6, which I think is excellent value, and can be purchased here.

Grammar Pencils from NewtonAndTheApple (Etsy)

If you think that the mere sight of a fuck or bollocks will propel your child’s teacher into a state of shock or disgust, you may prefer to consider these, frankly amazing, pencils instead.  Each one features a common grammar mistake and the entire set costs £7.50.


I am considering grabbing myself a set of these, self-confessed grammar nerd that I am.  They would be a good addition to any child’s back-to-school stationery haul as well, though I personally think they’re much too good for children 😉

These beauties can be bought here.

Other Stationery

I’m not a teacher (obviously) but I imagine they get through a shit load of stationery every year; diaries, notebooks, pins and clips, pencils, pens, paper, etc.  And even if they don’t, everyone likes pretty new stationery, right?


I don’t think you can go far wrong with anything from Paperchase or, if you like your pens and pencils scented, Smiggle.

Citrus Potted Plant, Ikea

For something a little different, a succulent or other houseplant could be a nice option.  I particularly love this citrus plant from Ikea; it’s just £20 and looks gorgeous.

Happy Gift Hunting

 If you have any ideas to add to my suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

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