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Back to School Shopping with Love the Sales

With two weeks of the summer term left, I am almost ready for the children to go back to school in September; well, practically, anyway.  I have new school bags and book bags lined up, uniform bought and paid for, and even lunch boxes and drinks bottles in mind.  My plan is to be ready for September by the time they break up for summer so we can make the most of the time together and firmly put school out of our minds.  There is one area I leave to the last possible minute, however, and that is school shoes and trainers.  We all know how quickly children’s feet can grow, so buying shoes for September at the end of July just seems silly.  I leave it until the last week of the summer holidays to get them measured and fitted for trainers and school shoes. This year, I intend to have Jasmine measured in town and then buy her school shoes from Love the Sales.  I have my heart set on these Kickers shoes:


When I went into Year 4, I was bought my first pair of Kickers school shoes and I absolutely loved them.  They were black patent in a chunky, almost platform, style with an actual heel (hello, Spice Girls). Bearing in mind that this was 21 years ago and I can’t have owned them for more than a year at most, it’s fair to say they made quite an impression, and I am hoping that Jasmine will love her Kickers just as much.  That she is going into Year 4 herself in September (how is that possible?!) is just a happy coincidence.

As well as school shoes, Love the Sales is a great place to find trainers and bags for school too; with hundreds of sale items all located in one place, it makes catching a bargain easier than ever – it’s basically the site you’ve always been looking for.  You’re welcome.

Are you back-to-school-ready yet, or do you prefer to leave preparations to the last minute?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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