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Don’t Sweat the Smart Stuff


With leaps and bounds in technology occurring faster and faster these days, I am constantly interested to discover new inventions and equally fascinated with things that are fun and useful but ultimately not exactly vital, and things that are designed to protect me and my family and friends.

Smart homes seem to be the tech ‘buzzword’ at the moment with companies such as Amazon, Apple and Samsung all creating devices to make controlling your home appliances easier. With Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo, you can add items to your shopping list and check local weather all with a simple voice command. Samsung’s smart fridges allow you to view what’s inside from your smartphone and even suggest recipes based on ingredients – handy!

Some swear by the functionality and think it represents how we’ll do things in the future. Others think it’s a novelty that will fall by the wayside in a couple of years.

One area, however, where smart devices can enhance your life is home security. Internet-connected devices can take the hassle out of home security by allowing you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

One such company that can provide this is the security experts, Yale. Whether it’s a Smart Door Lock, Smart Home Alarm or Camera, Yale’s Smart Living range has the device for you, allowing you to secure, monitor and control your home security from a simple touch of a button.

Smart Door Locks

Have you ever had your hands full when coming home from work and struggled to unlock your door? Or maybe you’ve wanted to grant access to your family, friends and visitors if they’ve arrived on your doorstep early.

Yale’s range of Smart Door Locks give you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a key. Now you can open your door in a number of ways, including PIN code, fingerprint recognition, remote fob, or even via an app on your smartphone or tablet. What’s more, you can keep track of who’s coming and going and at what time; ideal for parents keeping an eye on teenage children!

There’s no need to worry if your kids arrive home early, or if you’re stuck at work with friends on the doorstep. You have complete control of access to your home.

Smart Home Alarms

Arm, disarm, configure and control your home alarm system all from your smartphone. You can also receive notifications, emails and even images direct to your phone when the motion detector is triggered, to give you instant information in the event of an intrusion.

When used in conjunction with a power switch, the alarm systems also have the capability to turn on/off your lamp remotely with your smartphone or boil the kettle as you pull up on the drive.

Smart Cameras

Check in on your home at the touch of a button with a Yale IP Camera. Whether it’s to watch over older children when they’re home alone, or check on your pets during the working day. The cameras can also be installed in the homes of elderly parents or relatives, for added reassurance on their well-being.

Complete with motion detection the IP camera can alert you to movement in the home, and it also has a two-way audio feature that allows you to listen and talk back with a built-in microphone and speaker.

Yale’s Smart Living range also works with a number of leading smart home networks such as Samsung SmartThings and Control4 for to create a complete smart home experience.

For more information on Yale’s range of smart security, visit www.yale.co.uk/smart-living

Personally, I am all for useful developments in technology and am happy to embrace anything that makes family life that little bit easier, and safer.  What are your thoughts?  I would be interested to hear them in the comments.

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