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Simple Ways to Make Money Online

With a young family to support, finding ways to save and, more importantly, make money is always at the top of my to-do list.  Making money online is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost a household income.  I have tried a number of things in the past; here are some that have worked for me:

Setting up a blog – If you have something to say and are looking for a platform, setting up a blog could be the way to go.  Making money in this way takes time, effort, patience and tenacity; it certainly won’t become a profitable business overnight.  This means that you really need to start by being keen to write about things that interest you.  This could be parenting, travel, arts and crafts, anything really – if you are passionate about your subject, the readers, and subsequently the financial rewards, will follow in due course.

Being a secret shopper – sign up to a secret shopping agency and regular opportunities to undertake assignments will drop into your inbox.  It can be anything from enjoying a meal in a pub to asking for mortgage advice – no two assignments are the same and there is a fee available for completing each one.  Granted, it isn’t a huge amount of money, but every little helps!

Selling clothes your children have grown out of – whether it be via a Facebook group or eBay, selling preloved children’s clothing is a huge market.  Investing in higher quality items for your little ones, such as clothes from Next, Boden and Little Bird by Jools, can pay dividends when it comes to the resale value; excellent condition second-hand Boden clothing, for example, can sell for almost as much as they cost new.  However, bundles of non-branded clothing in good condition can also sell really well, so the key is to take care of any items your children wear (easier said than done, I realise).  It is perfectly possible, and relatively easy, to set up a profitable online business buying and selling preloved clothing, though there are a couple of salient points to consider first.  Initially, it is useful to research delivery options; regularly sending packages means that you really need a fast, reliable and cost-effective service (I use TNT Express and can highly recommend).  If you are making money in this way, you will also need to register as self-employed in order to declare your earnings.  Read up on this here.


Do you have any other suggestions?  I would love to hear them!

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