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Buying a Family Car

A family car is one of the biggest, most important purchases you will probably ever make, and it is destined to feel like an overwhelming decision.  The sheer choice of vehicles on the market is mindblowing to begin with, so other factors are bound to fall by the wayside.  However, it is really important to remember to check out your new car’s history, and not just its aesthetics, before you take the plunge (assuming you are buying second hand, which is the only financially sensible option, frankly).


Utilising an online search tool is probably the quickest, easiest and most foolproof way of checking whether the car you have fallen in love with is really the vehicle for you, or simply too good to be true.  HPI Check, for example, find information on outstanding finance, stolen car details and number plate changes among many other features.  If any one of these checks flashes up something dodgy, it will save a hell of a lot of heartache, not to mention money, further down the line – personally, I would rather check it all out before making a purchase than leave it to chance and find out the hard way!  Then, once the boring important stuff is out the way, all you need worry about is the fun stuff, like whether your new car can carry off eyelashes or not….

Have you ever used an online checker?  I would be interested to hear your experiences in the comments.

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