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The Benefits of Using a Smart Door Lock

When I was about 15, I came home from high school one day having lost my front door key; my dad was at work and my mum was out with my younger sisters.  Yep, I was locked out.  I tried all three access doors and none would budge so then, out of sheer desperation, I went into the garden where I noticed that the kitchen window was open in the air-lock position.  I managed to use a stick to unhook the lock and open the window as far as it would go (not that far, in all honesty), hurled my school bag inside, climbed up on to the windowsill and jumped through the window into the kitchen sink.  All in all, not the most graceful way to enter one’s home.


That’s not actual footage from the occasion, incidentally.

My own children are not yet old enough to travel to and from school alone but, when they do, I’m thankful that technology has found a solution to the predicament I found myself in that day.  Enter: smart door lock.


The perfect solution not only for busy parents but also for families during the festive season as the smart lock enables remote access; ideal for when relatives arrive out of the blue!

What do you think of the Smart Lock technology?  Would you consider using it?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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